The coffee's cold, the sky is light,
I've written halfway through the night.
The "grammar/spell-check" has been run,
I think at last that I am done.
My fingers ache, my eyes are red,
The words are swimming in my head.
But there is always one thing more,
I'll show it to an editor.

Proofreading and Editing

The service
When you submit a file the editor will read the document thoroughly and correct grammar and punctuation errors. She will also delete redundant material and rewrite awkward sentences. Comments will be made if information is incomplete, and suggestions for improved presentation may be included in the edited document. The editor uses the Microsoft Word reviewing tools that show corrections in red text; the editor's comments will appear in balloons in the margins of the document. Instructions for implementing the markup will be given to the author - all changes the editor makes are reversible.

What kind of documents can be submitted?
The editor specializes in research proposals, scientific articles, and grant applications; but technical and nontechnical materials are welcome. The editor has a physical science background, but enjoys working with a variety of subjects. See examples below.

The editor
Marcia Craig will edit your document. She is a native English speaker with a PhD in chemistry (1992) and extensive biochemistry experience. Marcia edits a wide range of material including psychology papers, scientific articles, theses, engineering reports, accounting articles, and history books. She is familiar with APA and MLA document styles and The Chicago Manual of Style.

How to estimate cost
The cost of the editing is $20 per hour. If the length of the document is unknown, the editor may give a word-charge estimate. For instance, you may be told that the editing will cost 3 cents per word. Rewriting and formatting will incur an hourly charge. You can get an estimate of the total cost of editing your document by sending some representative material (at least 3 or 4 pages) to the editor in an MS Word file. There is no cost to obtain an estimate. The charge for the estimate will be added to the total cost of the editing if you decide to engage the service.

Hourly rate .....$20
Quick read .....2-3 cents/word
Moderate edit....3-5 cents/word
Heavy edit.....5-7 cents/word

How to pay for the service
An invoice will be issued when the editing is complete. Payment can be made by:

Marcia Craig

You are welcome to email or call Marcia if you have questions about the service.

This is a reliable editing service for English text. The editor is dedicated to enhancing the work of all authors while respecting their inevitable deadlines.